Why Retainers after Braces

Hey Guys! This is my experience about wearing Retainers after Braces! I started off with an Orthodontic Treatment for the correction of malocclusion two years back. At the commencement of the treatment, the dentists explained me the complete procedure. I was supposed to wear braces for a long time. After carrying braces for as good as two years, I can see my teeth are now more symmetrically placed and this has added to my aesthetics to a great extent. Now, after exactly 2 years and one month, the braces have been removed and my dentist has placed retainers for after the orthodontic treatment. Doctors say that these are important for right treatment and management of malocclusion teeth. I must wear them either during the day time or in nights for the best results.

Orthodontic Retainers – Great Tools in Dentistry

Retainers after Braces

I was initially worried to wear the retainers after braces as I thought that I have to carry them on my teeth for the rest of my life but this isn’t the case. I will be wearing retainers for next 4 to 5 months till the time my bite gets stabilized and the positioning of the teeth becomes stable or fixed. My dentist told me that if After Braces teeth didn’t remain in same place than Retainers are used for tooth positioning and it is actually a dynamic process.

Teeth keep on taking new places throughout the life and thus, braces work against the forces to position the teeth into their new positions. Retainers after braces work to hold their position. They prevent relapse of the teeth into their older positions as the chances of the relapse after removing braces are very high.

Retainers must be cleaned after every 24 hours. I was advised by my dentist to maintain hygiene with retainers so that they themselves didn’t become a source of infection in my mouth. I am keeping the retainers in its box provided by the dentists when not in use. Store them in a box or in glass of water.

Why Retainers after Braces are Important?

After Braces

I am wearing fixed as well as removal type of retainers. There are 3 options available for the persons who have to wear retainers. I was given options by my dentist to select from these three types of retainers. These are Metallic, Acrylic and Clear Retainers. I opted for clear retainers as they aren’t very much visible unless carefully noticed by someone. There are fixed retainers as well on my teeth on the lower jaw. I can’t remove them at my wish. These don’t look very good aesthetically to me but are fine and am happy that I can remove the retainers for 8 hours in a day.

I felt some discomfort when I started wearing the Retainers after Braces a few days back. There is excessive salivation due to which I spitted 2-3 times while talking which looks really bad and even my family members had problem understanding my speech few times. So, one can’t get used to it very quickly, it takes time to get adapted their usage. I am comfortable now and will get better results from my orthodontic treatment with these dental tools. In my next post, I’ll let you know about Fixed or Permanent Retainer.

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